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Waxworx Centre is located on the Castlefield Trading estate in crossflats, Bingley.

Situated near the Entrance of the estate in the new development right next door to jess wright graphics. 

Our studio is where the transformation begins. We operate from a secure new built building. heated, alarmed, insured and fully equipped unit with steel shutters and fire doors and 2 sets of pull up bollards, Also equipped with top of the range police monitored alarm system, full cctv camera system and fire alarms. We have everything from high capacity compressors to a huge range of Highly rated branded products ensuring confidence in Cleaning and Protecting. we have top rated machine polishers, ultra bright LED lighting to help highlight defects and 3 Scissor lifts for removing wheels and accessing hard to reach areas, Rest assured we are equipped for the toughest of challenges.

Each vehicle is a Project to us, we see every vehicle as a challenge and aim to achieve the best result we possibly can. From the Everyday Detail, all the way upto a Complex full weeks worth of stripping, Correcting and Protecting, WaxWorX Technicians take pride in every step. 
Upon the Inspection and quoting process, our customers will be advised of all aspects in regards to what can be achieved and what can not. We outlook detailing as a restoration project and not a clean and as stated before ... We Obey your Pride

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Mobile - 07487737466

Monday - Friday 9am - 5:30pm

Saturday - CLOSED

Sunday  - CLOSED 



Waxworx Detailing Centre

Unit L1B

Castlefields Industrial Estate

Castlefields Road


BD16 2AG